System and Security Integration

Door Systems, Inc.While our work does not include doing system integration work independently, we work with building security integrators to do the required door hardware applications for security integration systems. We understand the needs of the integrator support them with choosing proper hardware that is compatible with existing building usage.
We understand the requirements and needs of access control systems in relationship to building hardware and can create the door hardware with the most up to date life safety codes and ADA requirements. we know how to effectively work with integrators to develop the door hardware needs for a variety of building types and sites.

Our Integration Work includes:

●Designing, recommending, and installing proper door hardware

●Servicing and troubleshooting door hardware problems

●Applying and altering to life safety codes

●Meeting and retrofitting for current ADA requirements

●Two year warranty on all recommended and provided hardware

●Commitment to troubleshoot unique and difficult hardware problems, including refitting and rehanging doors.

Our work with security integrators can be applied to:

●Single door systems

●Multi-building sites with to several hundred door systems