ASSA CLIQ Key System

ASSA CLIQ key systems provides the highest level of key control


and security currently available. No other key system in the world can offer this level of security. Not only is the system safe, but extremely versatile, and can be used to lock safes as well as doors, gates and even padlocks. The potential applications for security system based on ASSA CLIQ are virtually limitless. Because of its versatility and high level of security, it is the key system of choice for Door Systems.

This key system offers:

Advanced Encryption that Counteracts Manipulation

Encryption is a classic method to keep sensitive information concealed. Modern technology has made everyday use of advanced mathematical encoding systems possible wherever information must be kept secret, for instance in connection with electronic transactions.

Reliable Security
CLIQ technology’s basic idea is the creation of an intelligent security system. That means a lock system that retains a high level of security despite upgrading, alterations or expansion. Even after many years of use by a continual flow of new tenants, new employees or changes occurring in the workplace, the level of security will remain the same.

Electromechanical Blocking
The cylinder has a built-in electronics package. This package communicates with the electronics in the key and activates a small electric motor that drives an electromechanical blocking element that locks the side rail. All of these components are integrated in the lock cylinder and are well protected against manipulation.

Keys with Double Technology
The ASSA CLIQ key has the same type of mechanical coding as an ASSA Twin key; a system code and a side code. But the key has an electronic code programmed into a memory chip in the key bow as well as a mechanical side code. The memory chip controls and electronic side code that complements the mechanical system code.

Electronic Intelligence Without Wires
CLIQ technology is made possible by miniaturization of the electronic components. Electronic intelligence has been built into the system with help from electronic circuits in both the key and cylinder.

Limitless Flexibility and Security
The ASSA CLIQ is flexible and its easy-to-use system solutions can be applied almost anywhere – commercial workplaces and institutions, industries and housing complexes.