All-Glass Door Installation

Most glass front entry doors present a challenge when retrofitting electromechanical locking hardware for a new Access Control System. The unique challenge is when we deal with “All-Glass” or “Rail Type” Heavy Glass Doors. These specific type of doors have a certain architectural appeal and look beautiful in a commercial building.   However, preserving both the aesthetics and security, while always possible, takes special skill and planning along with a special budgetary consideration. DSI can install and service both Standard Vertical-Face Locking E-Magnets or Concealed Shear-Magnets which lock via a horizontal alignment. Shear-Magnets are typically concealed within a top or bottom rail of the this type of Heavy Glass Door.

A typical Electro Magnetic Lock installed

A typical Electro Magnetic Lock installed

Brian Nicholas has developed some specialty brackets that mount panic hardware to all glass doors. This saves having to replace having to replace the door. This type of innovation has allowed many DSI clients to save an average $10-20,000 while maintaining Fire & Life Safety compliance during an Access Control System upgrade.

Securitron DSB Exit Device

An end cap view of a Securitron DSB Exit Device. This device is typically used to control Electro-Magnetic Door Locks.