This is example of a Herculite Glass Door with a top and bottom rail.

This is architectural example of a Heavy Glass Door with a top and bottom rail.

Door Systems Inc is a door security business offering a unique service to San Diego and Southern California. We are asked all the time what we do exactly- Are you locksmiths? Alarm specialists? Door installers?

Well, to answer that one, we ask:

What do you need done?

Door Systems, Inc uses the highest level of door and entrance security, and applies it to each unique business and facility needs. With over 25 years experience in San Diego, we know how to both design new systems, and troubleshoot existing ones.

We work with businesses to develop, design, and implement state-of-the-art door security systems. Our services include consultation, installation and maintenance services for door security systems. One of our specialties is taking traditional keys away from buildings and out of the hands of personnel by replacing them with intelligent door systems that monitor and control access.

Retrofits & Fresh Installations of Exit Devices. (Panic Bars)

Retrofits & Fresh Installations of Exit Devices both Electrical & Mechanical Only. (Panic Bars)

The professionals we work with include individual businesses, security system integration companies, general contractors, building owners, and building maintenance personnel to upgrade existing entry doors, install new security door systems and maintain systems for 100 percent reliability. The work that we do is applicable to a wide variety of facilities. We can work with your security vendor to make security system work with doors, ensure they operate smoothly, close/lock properly, and function with the security system.


To really understand what we do, take a look at the services we provide and industries we work with: