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The correct spec for the job and knowing our hardware options is how we maintain a stellar reputation for reliable service.

About Door Systems

Door Systems Inc is a family-owned small business started in 1986 by Bryan Nicholas, CML. Bryan has used his expertise as a Certified Master Locksmith (CML), combining it with his knowledge of electronics, security systems, and the latest technology to build a business offering an innovative service to San Diego. Door Systems now works with some of the largest security system integrators in the area to develop, design, and implement state-of-the-art door security systems and to update existing systems.

Door Systems has a diverse range of clients including: Hospitals, Bio-Tech, Department of Defense, Industrial, Class A Office Buildings, Critical Infrastructure, Security Integrators, and Government buildings.

For more information about our services, see our Systems Design & Services page.

About Bryan Nicholas, CML

Bryan Nicholas is a Certified Master Locksmith with more than 35 years of locksmithing and door security experience. He started working in the family locksmith shop in Washington when he was a kid, and later became trained in the profession. After moving to San Diego and working as a locksmith for a few years, he began to see a need for increased sophistication in integrating door hardware and electronic security systems. He combined his knowledge as a locksmith with understanding of electronic hardware to help create a business providing San Diego with quality, comprehensive access security systems.

Outside of work, he enjoys Sci-Fi shows, anything involving eating, and his granddaughters, Shiloh and Eden.